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Marvallure’s mission is to “Empower Women to Embrace Their Style”.
The name combines the words, marvelous and allure, to refer to the captivating wonder and charm style can add to a woman's look.

Marvallure is born out of a dream I've had since I was a young child growing up Kathmandu, Nepal. I dreamt of being a part of the fashion industry and opening Marvallure is my first step to realizing that dream. I believe women can achieve anything they set their mind to and a big part of reaching success is having confidence. When a woman feels confident, she is even more beautiful! By offering a stylishly curated collection of beautiful and well-made clothes and accessories, Marvallure seeks to empower women to embrace their own style and unleash all they can be. This philosophy of beauty and confidence is rooted in my experience of traveling the world, from Asia, to America to Europe and Africa. In every continent, I saw the impact style had on the women around me. At every turn, no matter the place in the world, clothing sets women free. So whether you're shopping for a day with the family or a business meeting around the world, let Marvallure help you embrace your style.

- Asmi Rawal

About Asmi

Asmi grew up in Kathmandu, Nepal during at a time when the country was in the middle of a civil war. While the situation was bad, most of the fighting took place outside the city where she lived. It was still dangerous to be out so, most of her days were spent indoors at school and at home. It was during her early teenage years that Asmi discovered fashion while watching Bollywood movies. She was fascinated by the amazing colors and styles of clothing worn by the actors and many times she re-purposed her Mother's old clothes into new fashion styles inspired by those movies. As she grew older, she became more aware of how fashion changed in Bollywood and how those changes influenced the clothes she saw people in the community wear. It was then Asmi realized she was hooked on fashion. Unfortunately, when the time came, instead of following her heart, she followed the “logical path” and pursued a business degree.

By 2006, Asmi began traveling and over the next six years lived in Boston, London, Stuttgart, Kathmandu and Nairobi and visited over 39 countries, experiencing the fashions and styles of the world along the way. In London, she spent her free time exploring the famous London fashion areas like Mayfair and Westfield. In Nairobi, Asmi experienced a blending of African art and western design for unique and beautiful styles. In Europe, there were the typical influences of Paris and Milan, but there were also influences from around the world as cultures collided and assimilated - taking a little from each to become one. This influenced all aspects of culture and especially fashion.

It was while living in Europe that Asmi finally decided to pursue her dream and moved to the US to attend a fashion program. She graduated from FIDM in 2016 and after a short period of working in the fashion industry, struck out on her own to open Marvallure. Marvallure will be the launch point for her own label “Asmi”.

Over the years, Asmi has never forgotten where she came from and has always wanted to give back to Nepal. Whether through raising funds for orphan children in Kathmandu or for relief efforts after the 2015 earthquake, she continues to look for ways to make a difference. With the opening of Marvallure, Asmi will offer some of the world’s finest cashmere products all made in Nepal. She looks forward to producing other beautiful garments there in the future.


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